aXtion Pro for iPad

Ultra-Rugged Waterproof Case with Built-in Accessories Port

aXtion Pro for iPad

Work. Play. Anywhere.

Unleash your iPad in environments never before
thought possible with the aXtion Pro for iPad. Fully
waterproof, completely shockproof, this case maxi-
mizes what the iPad can do in businesses, hospitals,
schools, homes, and more.

Use the aXtion Pro On the Jobsite, In the Lab, In the Snow, On the Water...

The Highest Standard of Protection

The aXtion Pro has been tested to meet or
exceed these standards:
  • IP68 Waterproof—The aXtion Pro has been tested to
    withstand continuous submersion underwater at a depth of 7ft (2m) for up to an hour
  • MIL-STD-810 Shockproof—The aXtion Pro passed this
    military-grade shockproof test with flying colors. The case
    protected the iPad against Repeated drops from a height
    of 4ft.



The Case That Floats™

Never fear dropping your iPad in the water again.
One of the most unique features of the aXtion Pro
is that the case floats in water without the need
for any accessory. So for those who work or play
near the water, the aXtion Pro offers ultimate peace of mind right out of the box.



Keep Your Screen Protected

A truly rugged case isn't complete without excellent
protection for your touchscreen. The aXtion Pro's
built-in, heavy-duty screen protector transmits all
your multi-touch gestures fluidly and easily...while
keeping scratches and scrapes at bay.

Mount the aXtion Pro

A quality tablet mount can significantly increase your tablet’s usefulness in a wide variety of settings. aXtion Pro can be easily mounted to any of The Joy Factory’s MagConnect mounts right out of the box. Mounts are available that can attach the aXtion Pro to walls, desktops, tripods, railings, and more. And with the optional MagConnect adaptor, the aXtion Pro can be magnetically attached to any of these mounts for fast and convenient attachment and removal.



Compatible with Kensington™ Locks

Each aXtion Pro for iPad case comes with a built-in
locking port compatible with Kensington locks. When
the Kensington lock is inserted into the receiver both
of the top clasps are locked in place, so the iPad
cannot be taken out of the case until the lock is re-




Take Stunning Pictures
A Double-coated AR Sharpvue lens covers the
iPad's rear camera, offering protection from the ele-
ments while providing unsurpassed picture quality


Expand the aXtion Pro with Accessories
The aXtion Pro is your complete resource for maximizing what your iPad can do.
And with the available accessories hold it, view it, carry it, and mount it with ease.
Mount it Connect it Carry it Hold it


aXtion Pro for iPad
aXtion Pro for iPad

Dimensions: 11.2" x 8.3" x 1.1"
(285mm x 211mm x 28.9mm)

Weight: 20.8 oz (590g)
Water-resistant Rating: IP68: Rated for continuous submersion at a depth of 7ft (2.1m) for up to 1 hour.
Shock-proof Rating: MIL-STD-810G


What does IP68 mean?
  • It's the highest rating in the IEC 60529 Ingress Protection standards.
  • 6 — Completely Dust-tight
  • 8 — Withstands continuous submersion under manufacturer's specified condition.
  • We specify that the case is waterproof at a depth of 7ft (2.1m) for up to an hour.
What is MIL-STD-810G 516.6?
  • It's a military-developed standard for testing how rugged an item is.
  • It requires that an item withstand certain kinds of shocks.
  • The aXtion Pro has been tested to withstand infrequent, non-repetitive drops from 4ft (1.2m)
Model: CWA101
aXtion Pro for iPad
aXtion Pro for iPad

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aXtion Pro for iPad

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