What is Carbon Fiber?

Guest Editor | Abimelec Perez

For reliable mounting, choose carbon fiber arms. The Joy Factory offers two lines of mounts: MagConnectTM and UniteTM. Both lines utilize carbon fiber arms and feature different ways of connecting the tablet to the mount.

Each carbon fiber arm has 3K pattern lines with 3,000 fibers compressed into each square. 3K carbon fiber is aviation grade and suitable for automobile production because of its superior fatigue properties compared to metal. 3K carbon fiber won’t wear as quickly under constant use. 

The strongest carbon fiber is 10 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel. Not only is this sturdy material lightweight, carbon fiber also has a high heat tolerance and resistance. Whether the mount is located in a vehicle or directly in the sunlight, the carbon fiber arm will remain at a safe temperature and maintain its shape. Carbon fiber has a high strength to weight ratio, which also gives it a light mass. The overall structure is not bulky and easily upholds a professional appearance suitable for any work environment. 

This superior material was selected because of its strength and lightweight nature. This heavy-duty hardware makes these mounts incredibly sturdy and eminently reliable for long-term use. 

The Joy Factory is committed to reducing product footprints while sourcing carbon fiber that are produced under EU environmental codes. For more on this, check out our Beyond Sustainability page.

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