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With Apple announcing their NEW iPad (2017) last week we are curious what our customers think of this new iPad. With minimal differences between the iPad Air and the new iPad what makes it so attractive? Is it the display, Touch ID, processor, single-core performance or the price that makes upgrading your tablet inviting?

We made the plunge first for you and did a side by side comparison of the new iPad with some older models. Check out these visual tablet (iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7 and the New iPad 2017) comparisons below. 


We also found some useful market share analysis from appleinsider that you might find interesting. We anticipate that the New iPad will cannibalize the current discontinued iPad Air 2 and their market share will be flat. 

Don’t know what all the hype is about? Read up about Apple's new iPad on

Share your feedback with us about how this new iPad is helping or hurting your business. Or how this new iPad’s features entices you to make the plunge.



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  • Sendhamarai engineering On

    Great and awesome information. It will be very useful for who are searching for it. Thanks for sharing nice information. Cheers!

  • Thom Schuck On

    You folks are correct in your thinking. I talked with my pal @ Apple. I told him " you guys went backwards", yep! That was the intention. They made a Cheever iPad to keep up with the growing numbers of people migrating over to Amazon style tablets. They are loosing customers, new, upgrades, they just could not compete in the lower end market. This still is a fine iPad but will it swing buyers that “gulp” at Apple pricing when doing side by side comparison. I am Apple to the core……. and Bill knows I don’t have as much money as I did before I got sick. Your products are ROCK SOLID!

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