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Guest Editor | Debra Vogel


Square One Salon and Day Spa has six locations across central and south west Ohio. They offer a variety of salon services from hair and makeup services to nail and other spa services. Introducing technology to their work flow has allowed them to easily book and manage appointments as well as entertain guests as they are pampered.


Tablet Mounting Solutions

Hair solons are adopting tablets for the following reasons: manage appointments, guest sign-in, review style options, point of sale, entertainment, promotions, display graphics and manage customer loyalty programs. Utilizing tablets in public spaces arises the need to secure a tablet from possible theft and damage. Mounting a tablet using a MagConnect mount offers safety of the device by lifting it off a countertop and securing it onto a mount. Some enclosures are available with cable locks to secure your tablet ensuring it won’t get misplaced or stolen.


Selecting a Mounting Solution for Your Salon

Every salon has a different setup which means what works well for one salon might not work well for another. The first step in deciding which mount will work best for you is selecting a location you wish to utilize a tablet. From there you can determine which mount will fit your needs. If you want a mount fixed onto a wall or countertop then the Wall | Countertop Mount is the best solution for you. If you have a surface you don’t want to drill into then a clamp or c-clamp mount would fit your need well. Say you want to take your tablet to multiple locations throughout your salon. The desk stand would be the best option for you. No matter what location you select we are sure to have a mounting solution to fit your needs. 


Build your own mounting solution today!

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