How to choose the best tablet case to fit your needs

Choosing the right case

When it comes to protecting your new iPad or tablet there are many options available, but which should you choose that would best fit your needs? Since usage between tablets vary there are many cases that suit their particular purposes, anywhere from ruggedized cases to protect your device from bumps and drops to fully submersible waterproof cases to protect your device from accidental liquid exposure. Whether you're purchasing our cases or anyone else's we're here to help and break down the steps you should take prior to purchasing a case so that you can find that perfect match!


There are some key points to take into consideration when looking for a tablet case-

Accidents are unforeseen and occur at the most inconvenient of moments to even those that are the most careful, protecting your tablet with a rugged case could save you from the potential cost of repairing or replacing your device. Most of The Joy Factory cases are tested and certified to be military-grade meaning that they will withstand repeated drops and bumps from a height of 4ft all while keeping your device safe inside. Many other case manufacturers will also test their cases for ruggedness and advertise them as rugged but in reality, they never passed certification.

Most devices nowadays are water-resistant or waterproof to a certain extent, however, tablets are a little behind in the game and most of the popular consumer tablets will not be water-resistant or waterproof out-of-the-box. A key difference in water-resistant and waterproof is whether or not you will be submerging your case underwater and whether it will constantly be bombarded by the elements. If you're looking to protect your device from light rain, splashes, and accidental beverage drops then a water-resistant solution such as our aXtion Bold MP will be more than sufficient. If you'll be using your tablet around large bodies of water where it may accidentally fall in, or if you'll be exposing your tablet to heavy and constant rain and/or snow then you'll want a waterproof solution such as our aXtion Pro M.

Mounting your tablet can have extremely positive effects on ergonomics and productivity. By mounting your tablet and displaying it at head-height you greatly reduce neck strain all while improving your posture. Pairing your tablet with a mount can also help you better position your device for increased productivity while still keeping it close by. The Joy Factory makes a wide variety of mounts that are built to help bridge the gap between your tablet and the environment you utilize it in.

Accessories to be used with case
We offer a few extra add-ons that can help make your day-to-day tasks a little easier when using a tablet. Pairing one of our cases along with our Universal Shoulder Strap allows for the tablet to be carried around hands-free while comfortably keeping the tablet safe on your side. Our Universal Hand Strap is a great idea if you'll be holding the tablet for a long period of time, it is adjustable for different hand sizes and rotates 360-degrees for easy and simple use. While most of The Joy Factory cases are compatible with the Universal Shoulder & Hand Strap, not all are, so if these features are important to you be sure to double-check that the case you order supports these accessories.

Accessories to be used with a tablet
If you plan to use an accessory such as a SmartCover or TypeCover then keep in mind that all cases won't allow this, when shopping for a case ensure that the model is compatible with your accessories. Our Standard Tray was designed to be used in conjunction with an Apple SmartCover, and our MagConnect LockDown has a special cutout to allow for your TypeCover to still be attached and used with your Surface device.

Screen Protector
Touchscreens continue to improve and become better every day, yet a tablet's touchscreen is perhaps the most fragile and exposed part. While many screens nowadays are made with Corning Gorilla Glass the truth is that this will simply prevent scratches from developing on the screen. If the tablet is dropped then chances are high that it will most certainly crack and/or shatter the screen. Preventing this requires a combination of 2 things - a rugged case with a built-in screen protector. Built-in screen protectors usually have a plastic frame that surrounds the screen which helps absorb any impacts, while the rugged case keeps everything in place and protects your device from the impact.

When deploying tablets into public space security usually ends up being a major concern. How do you keep your tablets easily accessible all while preventing them from being stolen? We have several security solutions such as our LockDown or aXtion Bold MPS that utilize a 6-foot cable lock to help tether your device to a secure anchor point preventing the chances of theft.

Port Accessibility
Cases sometimes block certain ports and/or buttons from being accessible, or the port openings are too small for your aftermarket cables. All of The Joy Factory cases feature full accessibility to ports and buttons, with most of our cases protecting your volume and power buttons with molded-in covers. Our case openings were designed based on original Apple accessories, so if you have an aftermarket cable or headphone jack then it may not be compatible with our case(s). In these situations, the best option is to simply contact our support department for confirmation on compatibility.

It may not sound all that important but the material that your case is made from does make a difference in the protectiveness of the case as well as your potential health. The Joy Factory makes cases that consist of two main materials- silicone and polycarbonate. Our silicone is made from a food-safe grade material, so if you have little ones that may chew or gnaw on the case then rest assured that there are no toxic chemicals that can leach out! Most of our cases also include a honeycomb design on the inside, which helps to further protect your device from shock damage in the event of a drop.


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