How to choose the right tablet case and mount combo

Guest Editor | Yo Jen Huang
Now that you have purchased a new tablet for business or personal use then what’s next (iPad 6th Gen., iPad Mini, Surface Pro, Surface Go, Samsung Tab A or Tab E) ? The idea or even thought about protection and where to position the tablet usually comes as an after thought when something bad happens. Accidents as simple as dropping it, splashing it with coffee, exposing it to bad weather while in the field, or simply misplacing it because you did not have a home base to store it. It’s strange to think that after investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars businesses don’t make purchasing a protective case or a mount to position the tablet for effective use a priority. For important purchases like a house, car or even TV we always think about insurance at the time of purchase but with tablets, we tend to not consider it upfront.


If you are still reading this blog then I assume 1 of 2 things. You either just purchased a new tablet and you’re proactively researching for the best-case solutions possible to protect your investment or you have fallen victim of some type of mishap I mentioned from earlier. Either way, you are in luck. The Joy Factory makes a wide variety of protective case and tablet mount solutions that work for different industries, but now picking the right one for you, your company and employees takes some evaluation and examination. We would like to lend a hand in helping you find the right solution by walking you through a few key steps to determine which tablet mounting solution best fits your environment and needs



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Popular Tablet Mount Bundles

Popular tablet mounts and case pairings have been kitted for convenience under "Mount Bundles" on our website. There you will find a wide variety of mount options to choose from. These options range from rugged tablet mounts for environments requiring rugged cases to secure tablet mounts to keep your tablet investment safe from theft.


Tablet Mounting Solution Builder

If these kit options don’t fit your specific needs a custom mounting solution can be created using our mount builder. There are a few steps that are designed to help find the exact solution to fit your needs.


tablet mounting solutions for ipad


Step 1: You’ll begin by selecting your tablet type.

Tablet type options:


Step 2: Determine which tablet holder you would like to utilize. Select from these options:

  • Standard Tray: It is the most basic MagConnect case we have and it is a snap-on case to provide a quick and easy way to protect your tablet against fine and light scratches. 
  • Rugged Case: Our aXtion line of products provide shockproof and water protection for your tablet, it has endured through rigorous drop test and achieved military shockproof rating MIL-STD-810G commonly used in the market
  • Lockable Case: Providing security to your tablet has never been easy, we offer a numerous version of secure cases through our LockDown and aXtion line of products
  • Universal Holder: Ideal option for environments that utilize different devices or when the desired device is not available in above mentioned areas

Step 3: Where are you going to use the mount?

Decide where you will be using this mount. Select from automotive mounts, flat surface mounts, round surface mounts, or fixed mounts.


Step 4: Lastly pick the mount

We offer dual and single arm mounts designed with versatility and portability in mind. At this step you want to ensure the area you want to place the mount matches the options offered. For example if used at a table, a Clamp mount would be ideal. Here it is a breakdown on what these mounts are:


Mount Types

Tripod Mount

C-clamp Mount - Single Arm

C-clamp Mount - Dual Arm

Pole Mount

Clamp Mount

Desk Stand

Wall | Counter Mount - Single Arm

Wall | Counter Mount - Dual Arm

On-wall Mount

Magnet Mount - Single Arm

Magnet Mount - Dual Arm

Cup Holder Mount

Headrest Mount

Seat Bolt Mount

Wheelchair Mount

Wheelchair Rail Mount


Peace of mind with just 4 easy steps

With just 4 easy steps, you will be able to have peace of mind and protection for your tablet(s) in the office or in the field if you are a mobile professional. Being proactive and thinking about this up front will save you not only unnecessary headaches but also save you money in the long run. If you have examples or instances where you have damaged or lost a tablet due to some of the issues I mentioned, please share them below. As an inceptive for giving us your feedback, email marketing@thejoyfactory.com for a 10% OFF your next purchase on our website!


Need Help?

Still don’t see what you need? Our products are customizable. Reach out to a sales representative to learn about a custom mount that won’t cost you a fortune. We’ll help you find the right solution to fit your needs without breaking the bank.


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