How to setup an iPad tablet time clock with the Elevate II Wall Mount Kiosk

iPad Time Clock Stations are a Time Saver


Owning a small business comes with a laundry list of responsibilities. The largest being, “keep the doors open and the lights on”. With this goal in mind, many small to medium-size businesses are evaluating internal processes to determine where adjustments can be made to help the business.


One area that many businesses find challenging is employee payroll and timecard processing because it is a time consuming process and is vulnerable to human error. To eliminate this task many small to medium size businesses are deploying iPads as time clocks to fulfill this need.


iPad Time Clock Kiosk Benefits:

  • Reduce overhead & human error
  • Easy reporting & tracking
  • Multiple uses & locations
  • Save office space


Step by step guide to setting up an employee time clock terminal

We created a short video to show how an iPad time clock is implemented in any small to medium-size business. 




  1. Determine kiosk location near a power source

Power will need to be supplied to the iPad at all times so keep this in mind when selecting a kiosk location. A longer cable other than the original that was supplied with the tablet will need to be purchased, most round cables will work with your kiosk. Another option to power the iPad would be Power over Ethernet, or PoE.


  1. Install kiosk of choice

Select the best kiosk that will fit your needs. For areas where space is limited the On-Wall kiosk is ideal. If you have plenty of floor space and are unsure of exactly where to place the kiosk then the Floor Stand kiosk would be a good fit. There are four models to choose from- View Options


  1. App setup

There are a number of employee time clock apps available in the app store that are more than sufficient at getting the job done. Since most apps have a cost associated with them we recommend that you create a list of expectations and determine a budget before shopping around.

Getting started can be challenging with some applications, but keep in mind that most have a great support team to help you along the way if you stumble.

     Here are a few apps that we recommend to help begin your search-
    1. Secure iPad into kiosk

    Now that your iPad & kiosk are set up you can now lock your device into the kiosk. Make sure to set your screen to always-on and with the time clock app open on the iPad, place the tablet into the kiosk. Cover with the black face sheet then followed by the metal enclosure cover and push the lock in to secure it. It is ideal to designate the tablets to use for a time clock station only, but if you need to remove the iPad for other purposes it can easily be removed by unlocking the lock.


    1. Ready to go

    With the iPad secured inside the kiosk it is ready for use. Test the software before deployment to work out any kinks.

    Optimize your business 

    Optimizing your payroll system comes with some obvious benefits for your business, but what about the other human resource responsibilities? Some apps come with additional benefits like built-in human resources compliance. I don't know about your business, but most small businesses struggle to have the overhead to have a designated human resources representative let alone an entire department. When I'm shopping around I try to think about my current and future pain points and I try to find the best option that fits my needs. So when I hear of added features like HR compliance it intrigues me to learn more and dive deeper into my business needs. 

    I wish you luck in your search for an app that fits your business. If you have any insight to share with us and our readers please comment below.

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