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Guest Editor | Debra Vogel

Bringing Joy to Education

Here at The Joy Factory our customer's satisfaction is most important to us. We strive to provide that through every action we make from finding the right solution that meets our customer's individual needs to fully standing behind our product should something occur down the road. We'd like to share with our readers an instance of this. Max Graupensperger is a School District Information Systems Specialist here in Orange Country California and he wrote about his experience with us. 

This letter is to share with you my experience with The Joy Factory and express why I place them in a very high regard. Back in March of 2016, a colleague and I met Bill Nguyen of The Joy Factory at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA. We were immediately impressed by design of the cases and how they integrated with their mounts and hand grips. From there, we had Bill and his team visit with a number of our special education staff to demonstrate the durability and ease of use of all their products. Since then, we have consistently relied on The Joy Factory for all of our casing and mounting solutions. The products we purchased have been universally loved by parents and staff. As of now, not one of our devices that has a Joy Factory case come back damaged or have any of our mounts have fallen apart.

Most importantly, the quality of customer support is top notch. As someone who has dealt with many vendors, The Joy Factory is by far the easiest I have ever had to work with. Just recently, we had one of their representatives, Poya Moradi, come to one of our schools and assist us with coming up with a mounting solution for one of our students. When presented with a challenge, Poya did not give us a copout or a half-measured solution. He was consistent with finding answer that was unique to that student, which he did. And that is, above all else, why I love this company. No matter who I have dealt with, when presented with a challenge, they are always determined to find a solution which both supports the customer and perfect the product. I cannot recommend any company higher than them.

Max Graupensperger
School District Information Systems Specialist
Orange County, CA


As you can see from this testimonial when it comes to education, the standard needs for an iPad, Surface Pro or tablet in general is not just only a case or mount.  School districts across the US, be it K-12, private schools or colleges have student from all walks of life and some of them have special needs.  This is where our job at The Joy Factory gets fun and our passion truly shines. With our award winning wheelchair mounts and Permobil compatible rail mounts, we are able to give back the digital accessibility to students that otherwise would be challenged.

Do you have a testimonial you'd like to share with us and our readers? Email our team at marketing@thejoyfactory.com we'd love to hear from you!

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