The new "iPad 5th Generation"- does it work with our iPad Kiosks?

Guest Editor | Poya Moradi

With the announcement of Apple's newer and more affordable iPad model, the iPad 9.7, also known as the iPad 5th Generation, many are finding that their pending backorders with Apple for the iPad Air 2 have been cancelled.

 iPad kiosk


Apple iPad 9.7, 5th Generation kiosks for public spaces

Alternatively, the new iPad (also known as the iPad 9.7 2017 or iPad 9.7 5th Generation) is being offered to these customers. For some, like us, this change was a big surprise. The price point of the new iPad was another welcoming surprise. So now that you have the new iPad what about utilizing a kiosk for your customer facing applications? Whether you utilize a kiosk for trade shows, showroom floors, small business support, public spaces like libraries, schools, museums and the like these kiosk models our suite your needs.


iPad Air vs iPad 9.7 5th Gen

When shopping around for iPad kiosk enclosures consider the following differences between the iPad Air 1 and the iPad 9.7:

  • Rear facing camera location
  • Touch ID compatibility
  • Volume button placement

 iPad kiosks floor stand kiosk wall mount kiosk on wall kiosk countertop kiosk

Also, check out our previous post back in April on the difference between iPad Air vs. iPad 9.7, 5th generation for folio type cases.  These are very useful for in office professionals that are looking to upgrade to the newer iPad 9.7, 5th generation.


Kiosks for iPad 9.7 5th Gen

In comparison to the iPad Air 1, the iPad 9.7 has the exact same dimensions and will work with all of our existing Kiosks. We have since updated compatibility on our website to reflect the iPad 9.7 and which of our Kiosks it will work with.


Available Kiosks for iPad 9.7 5th Gen

Floor Stand Kiosk 

Countertop Kiosk

Wall | Countertop Mounted Kiosk 

On-wall Mount Kiosk 


Tablets for kiosks are being utilized more and more in both office and public facing environments now-a-days.  Share with us how you are using your tablet kiosk and where you are placing it.  Even better share your image with us!

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