The "NEW" Surface Pro - does it work with The Joy Factory Cases and Kiosks?

Find out the best cases or kiosks for the new Microsoft Surface Pro

*Updated 05/08/2018


Several weeks ago Microsoft announced their new Surface Pro - the next generation of the iconic product line and the most versatile laptop on the planet. Several upgrades such as an increased battery life, a viewing stand with even more angles, and a more efficient cooling system make the Surface Pro a substantial upgrade from the Surface Pro 4.


Newly added 4G LTE options

Microsoft for the first time is offering a Surface Pro model with LTE connectivity. The Surface Pro will support both nano SIM cards as well as the new and upcoming electronic SIMs. There are no physical differences between the LTE and non-LTE models but internally they sport different processors.


Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro

Surface Pro Features


Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro


12.3" PixelSense display12.3" PixelSense display


Intel i7 6th genIntel i7 7th gen

Battery Life

up to 9 hrsup to 13.5 hrs

Kickstand Angle

Up to 150°Up to 165°





Compatible with the new Surface Pen


Compatible with the new Surface Dial




Cases & Kiosks for Surface Pro

Since the older Surface Pro 4 and new Surface Pro have the same exact dimensions and the ports have not been moved around, all of our Surface Pro 4 cases and kiosks will fit your new Surface Pro like a glove!  That is great news since my products here at The Joy Factory are available and ready to be ordered.

Available Cases for new Surface Pro

aXtion Pro M Case

aXtion Edge M Case

MagConnect LockDown Security Case

MagConnect LockDown Security Case with Cable Lock


Available Kiosks for new Surface Pro

Floor Stand Kiosk

Countertop Kiosk

Wall | Countertop Kiosk

On-Wall Kiosk


Tablets for kiosks are being utilized more and more in both office and public facing environments now-a-days.  There are a handful of industries that can use these solutions such as hospitals in healthcare, police and first responders, and even retail and hospitality. Share with us which industry are you in and how you are using your tablet case or kiosk and where you are placing it.  Even better share your image or set up with us!



Reviews (6 comments)

  • Debra Vogel On

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks for your comment! At this time we don’t have plans to add the Surface Pro to our aXtion Bold lineup, but I will forward your inquiry to our product team.

  • Damien rustebakke On

    Hi, any plans to include surface pro in your bold line?

  • Debra Vogel On

    Hi Sherry,
    My apologies for the delayed response. Apple has different model numbers for the same device. If you can to go
    > Settings
    > General
    > Regulatory

    At the top will display the model. The model number will begin with an “A”. You can identify which device he has using this number on Apple’s support page.

    Once you identify which device he has I would recommend our aXtion Bold MP. We have them available for most iPad models. The case is drop proof and water-resistant. It is compatible with all of our MagConnect Mounts.

    Hopefully this helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Sherry On

    My husband just purchase a MP1M2LL/A-D Apple IPad 4G LTE Tablet W/32 GB and is looking at purchasing a joy mount #MMA214 and is looking for a case that would go with the mount. What would you recommend for the above IPad. He uses this IPad in his truck for the E-Logs.

  • Debra Vogel On

    Hi Andrea,
    We will have a new version of CWM200 arriving any day now that will fit the new Surface Pro 2017. We made an update to the case to accommodate the ambient light sensors. I’ll notify you when it arrives.

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