MagConnect On-Wall/Counter Mount for iPad Pro 9.7 | Air 2

On-Wall | Counter Mount with Standard Tray



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  • iPad Counter Mount with standard tray
  • MagConnect iPad Counter Mount
  • iPad Counter Mount rear view
  • iPad Counter Mount for iPad Pro 9.7
  • MagConnect iPad Counter Mount
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On-Wall | Counter Mount with Standard Tray

The MagConnect On-Wall | Counter Mount from The Joy Factory attaches flush to flat surfaces providing a permanent and secure installation. Whether you’re monitoring patient records at a shared workstation or reviewing digital catalogs with customers, the On-Wall | Counter mount is the trusted way to keep your tablet in play. Installation is simple: four simple screws affix the mount to a wall stud, counter or desktop. Experience the joy of worry-free mounting with our On-Wall | Counter mount from The Joy Factory, featuring MagConnect technology. The MagConnect locking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of mobile mounts. The technology is advanced, but using it is quite simple. The iPad is secured into a snap-on hard-shell case but it can also be used with our aXtion M or MP rugged cases. When the case is attached to a compatible device, the snap-on tray or rugged case instantly interlocks with the MagConnect receiver. For a secure connection the precision screw on the mount can be tightened to reinforce the connection.
  • Permanent installation to any flat surface
  • Mount built with lightweight durable carbon fiber arms
  • Highly flexible joints allow up to 360º rotation
  • Magnetic connection for quick mounting and dismounting

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iPad Counter Mount with standard tray

Product Specifications

Mount Specifications 
Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Weight: 7.4 oz 
Total Span: 3.375" 
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1
Connection: MagConnect
Base Specifications: base diameter 1.85"

Tray Specifications 
Dimensions: 7" x 9.5" 
Tablet Compatibility: iPad Pro 9.7 | Air 2

iPad Counter Mount with standard tray