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DaVinci Stylus (Metallic Charcoal)

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DaVinci Creative Hi-Def Stylus for Tablets and Smartphones (Metallic Charcoal)


DaVinci Stylus (Metallic Charcoal)

Product Information
DaVinci Creative Hi-Def Stylus for Tablets and Smartphones (Metallic Charcoal)

Finger pointing is great for most activities on smartphones and tablets, but sometimes you need to be a little more precise. Thats where a stylus really comes in handy. Professional artists who use their iPads for art creation will delight in DaVinci's high quality and responsiveness. The DaVinci also shines outside of the art studio for those who want a quality stylus experience when navigating their tablets. The DaVinci stylus works great with writing and sketching apps so you can digitally sketch your ideas and then edit or share them like never before.

The DaVinci stylus fine craftsmanship opens up new artistic potential for sketching, photo editing, and graphic design on tablets. The body of the DaVinci stylus is short and stout, mimicking the feel of pastels or compressed charcoal. Now you can make your best artwork yet in SketchBook® PRO or Artrage®, or edit your photos in the new iPhoto® till theyre pixel-perfect.

  • Specially design for comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for the creative mind
  • Ultra light in aluminum

DaVinci Stylus (Metallic Charcoal)
Product Specifications

Perfect emulation of the finger-touch 
Natural pressure-sensitive stylus tip. 
Enables you to control every detail motions. 
165° expanded writing angles

DaVinci Stylus (Metallic Charcoal)

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