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What is aXtion™?

aXtion means bridging the active life you love and the mobile tech you need. aXtion means experiencing the finest in rugged, water-resistant, waterproof protective cases, evolved for the 21st century. aXtion means taking your iPad Pro 12.9" | 11" | 10.5" | 9.7", iPad 9.7" 6th | 5th Generation, iPad Air 2 | Air, iPad mini 4 | 3 | 2 | 1, Surface Pro 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 anywhere you go with maximum freedom, ultimate protection, and increased productivity.

aXtion Product Lines

aXtion edge logo | The Joy Factory

Slim and rugged tablet cases built for superior robust durability with the added mounting capability. The aXtion Edge line, is rugged and offers drop protection from accidental drops.

aXtion bold logo | The Joy Factory

These military-grade shockproof (MIL-STD-810G) and water-resistant cases provide the freedom you need to eliminate a “playing it safe” lifestyle. This versatile product line features cases with added features like a built-in hand strap and stand or a MagConnect mounting adapter. With any case in the aXtion Bold lineup you can drop it, splash it, or scratch it…and it will stay protected.

aXtion pro logo | The Joy Factory

These rugged and waterproof (IP68 rating) cases let you unleash your tablet in environments never before thought possible. The aXtion Pro product line offers cases that are fully waterproof, completely shockproof and MagConnect compatible maximizing what a tablet can do in businesses, manufacturing, construction, hospitals, schools, in the field, and more.

aXtion Comparison Chart

Rugged Protection Offering

Special Technology

Port Accessibility

Built-In Enhanced Features

Lockable for Security

MagConnectTM Compatible

Optional Accessories

aXtion Edge

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aXtion edge feature 2
aXtion edge feature 3
aXtion edge feature 4
aXtion edge feature 5
aXtion edge feature 6
aXtion edge feature 7

aXtion Bold

aXtion bold feature 1
aXtion bold feature 2
aXtion bold feature 3
aXtion bold feature 4
aXtion bold feature 5
aXtion bold feature 6
aXtion bold feature 7

aXtion Pro

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aXtion pro feature 2
aXtion pro feature 3
aXtion pro feature 4
aXtion pro feature 5
aXtion pro feature 6
aXtion pro feature 7
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