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Classrooms are places of educating students to prepare them for the demands of society. With this in mind curriculum evolves to include technology, which empowers educators to increase learning by opening up new avenues for students that weren't available in the past. Adopting the right hardware to accompany this new technology is key to deploying technology in educational environments. We offer mounts that keep the device accessible and ergonomic. When paired with our rugged cases these devices are protected from accidental drops.

Tablet Positioning

Mounts provide stability devices need to be used to record video, create still animations using a green screen, and conduct lectures. MagConnect technology utilizes a strong magnet to hold your device in place. Attaching the device is quick and easy.

Rugged Protection

Freeing users from the worry of dropping their device enables them to concentrate fully on the task at hand. The aXtion product line accomplishes this by protecting devices from drops and spills.

Assistive Devices

Wheelchair mounts are specialized mounts for students utilizing a wheelchair. These mounts are designed from the suggestions of wheelchair users. We are proud to manufacture these products and take quality and product improvement seriously.

aXtion Bold MP

This rugged case features military grade drop protection, water-resistance with a rotating hand strap and 4-way stand. Magconnect compatibility takes this case to the next level with the ability to work with any carbon fiber mount.

Mount Ecosystem

The Joy Factory strives to bridge the gap between technology and all the environments and applications you use to educate. We have the mounts and cases to help you create a mounting ecosystem to fit your classroom.

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