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Tablets in Exhibition

For those involved in exhibiting at tradeshows, museums, historical sites, and other public venues, a tablet interactive display is the perfect solution for enhancing their presentations. Allow tradeshow visitors review online catalogs, datasheets, or sign up for newsletters. In museums tablet kiosks can be used as a way finding station, interactive learning, and virtual tour. Positioning and securing your device for these interactive kiosks is easy with solutions from The Joy Factory.

Lead Retrieval

Tablets are one of the easiest ways to gather lead information. Easily connect a scanner or other hardware to the tablet then secure in one of our lockable enclosures.

Virtual Tour Guide

Positioning tablets around museums and other public spaces allows for customers to obtain information easily. Having the home button covered easily keeps information available for all viewers by limiting what the viewer can do with the tablet.

Way Finding Systems

For tradeshows and other large venues navigating around the show floor can pose a challenge. With way finding kiosks in place visitors can stop at a kiosk and quickly route and reroute their journey.

Digital Collateral

Datasheets, digital catalogs, ordering systems and signage are all essential items while at a tradeshow or exhibition. Having these items readily available for your visitors to view allows them freedom to explore without having to wait to be helped.

Expand Your Reach

When you are putting on a grand exhibition interactive tablet kiosks are an excellent solution for engaging attendees. Displaying and sending sales collateral is essential to keep you in the game and with an interactive kiosk solution you can do that and more. In any public environment securing property becomes a priority. With lockable tablet enclosures from The Joy Factory you get peace of mind knowing your device is secure.

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Companies across the nation entrust The Joy Factory to position secure and protect their tablets. From hospitality, healthcare, government, education, retail, transportation, exhibition, manufacturing to small business, we have solutions to mount and protect your device. To inquire about our products please fill out this form and a sales specialist will reach out to you.

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