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Tablets in Government

Government agencies and departments all over the country have utilized laptop computers in their daily working lives and while they are efficient, they can present a multitude of problems in certain applications today. In squad vehicles, laptop computers can be bulky, have the potential for damage and can cause ergonomic problems for users. As a first responder to many emergency situations, police officers for example require a solution that doesn’t cause restrictions, is reliable, and easy to use. In the past, law enforcement officers felt that tablets were too high tech for use as a mobile solution within their field of work. Now the adoption rate for tablets has grown exponentially due to ease of use with mobile apps and quick data retrieval while in the field.

Data Retrieval

Tablets in the area of law enforcement allow officers the ability to create e-tickets, access records on the fly. MagConnect and compatible enclosures will provide quality service to any government agent or officer that requires the use of a mobile workstation.

Collaboration & Planning

Government agencies deploy iPads and tablets in the office environment to help increase group collaboration and easy access to data. Meeting and planning sessions are shorter, efficient and more effective because data can be access quickly.

In The Field

Ruggedized tablet cases simplify the process of taking the tablet on the go. No longer do personnel have to use a pad of paper and a pencil to write down notes. Tablets with a shoulder strap allow agents to easily capture audio, video and photos that are essential to a project.

Mobile Capability

The Cup Holder Mount is ideal for those who don’t wish to mount a tablet between seats, but rather utilize one of the cup holders. The mount’s base expands to fit the differing cup holder sizes for many makes and models, so it is easy to use and convenient.

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