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Tablets in Manufacturing

Gone are the days of humongous amount of paperwork and sitting for endless hours behind the desktop. Manufacturers are increasingly opting for tablets like iPad for simplifying and pacing up their business operations. An increasing number of manufacturers are now using tablets among their workforce and office to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Boosting Productivity

Employees or production managers can efficiently monitor and control the manufacturing process. Line associates can access information and share progress with team leaders.

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  • Saves Paperwork

    Essential details in manufacturing like personnel management is handled easier with an interactive kiosk. Kiosks make it simple for associates to clock in and out, complete personnel profiles, and access benefits.

    Improve Quality Control

    Combining a MagConnect mount with an aXtion rugged enclosure is used in food manufacturing - employees can feed in data into the tablet improving quality control and avoiding the need to leave the line.

    Instant Communication

    Employees and management can coordinate with each other no matter where they are. An on-field engineer can instantly communicate with management improving communication and cutting time.

    Time Saving

    Collaboration between departments is essential in manufacturing to ensure quality and productivity is intact. Communication is key to this collaboration. With tablets employees can share information among departments quickly and efficiently while keeping management informed. Mounts and enclosures ensure all line associates are able to work hands free keeping safety a priority.

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