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Tablets for Small Businesses

As mobile devices have taken over the technology industry, small business owners are identifying creative ways to implement these devices in their environments. With tablet mounts and kiosks from The Joy Factory, family restaurants, bed and breakfast establishments, and other small businesses are taking notice of the trend in using tablet devices in order to better serve customers.

From virtual receptionist and to self-pay terminals tablets are being used to enhance guest experience. Tablet kiosks and mounts from The Joy Factory position and protect the tablet in virtual any environment.

Implementing Kiosks

Guest accessible tablet kiosks for self check-in and out, order processing, and other digital guest services are the new trend. Using a tablet Kiosk in a small business environment is a game changer.

Online Ordering

With every small business personnel shortage can sometime be a challenge. Introducing a kiosk to your showroom floor is like adding an associate to help guests find what they are looking for.

Digital Catalogs

Customers can locate their favorite products, spike customer's interests, offer unique advertisements, and even make special sales and events to bring in more potential business.

Keep Employees Connected

Mount ecosystems allow employees to work from retail space to back office seamlessly. Positioning the tablet on a mount keeps them hands free and engaged.

Increase Revenue

Tablet display stands are popularly used in small businesses as they allow business owners to display various marketing collateral. Tablet kiosks help keep your customers happy by allowing customers access to account information, self-pay terminals, guest check-in and out, rewards, and much more. From digital signage to online ordering kiosks help you secure and position the technology you need in the environment you use it.

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