C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only)

Carbon Fiber C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only)



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 - C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only) - The Joy Factory
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Carbon Fiber C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only)

The C-Clamp Dual Arm Mount Only is the best solution for attaching an iPad or tablet alike to a round or flat surface. The dual carbon fiber arms of the C-Clamp Mount reliably mounts your iPad or tablet while keeping it nearby. This tablet mount is ideal for flat counters, poles, and rods such as warehouse shelving, corporate reception areas, office workspaces, back kitchens, restaurant front counters, creative organizations, and photography studios. While keeping your microphone or camera mounted, the C-Clamp can be attached to the side of the stand to add an iPad or tablet to your existing setup for easy preview. Perfect for photo/video shooting or editing by using a tablet as a large viewfinder.
  • Adjusts to any flat surface maximum 1.67" and any round surface maximum 1.67" and minimum 0.38"
  • Mount built with lightweight durable carbon fiber arms
  • Highly flexible joints allow up to 360 rotation
 - C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only) - The Joy Factory

Product Specifications

Mount Specifications 
Material: Carbon Fiber 
Weight: 1 lb
Length: 5.75" Arm x 2 
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1, locking 360° joint between arms x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x1
Total Span: 16.25" - 18"
Compatibility: Unite & LockDown Universal 
Base Specifications: Fits flat surfaces up to 1.625" and round surfaces from 0.34375" to 1.625"

 - C-Clamp Dual Arm (Mount Only) - The Joy Factory